Bodyweight Burn Review: Does It Actually Work?

Bodyweight Burn is one of the top bodyweight training programs out there. Today we're going to look at what makes it so effective, and why it will help you as both a martial artist and an athlete! Let's get right to it.

When it comes to losing weight and getting in shape, there are a ton of choices out here. 

You can find fad diets and exercise regiments all over the internet, featured in television commercials and discussed at length in fitness books that you can find in every bookstore.

But one of the best programs out there to do is a bodyweight training program, because it can be done anywhere, by anyone and it doesn’t require any gym equipment, special training or a certain level of fitness to start.

We’re going to discuss one of the most popular bodyweight training programs out there in this Bodyweight Burn review. 

What is a Bodyweight Program?

A bodyweight program is one that uses only your own weight as resistance. You might know bodyweight training by its more common term – calisthenics.

The awesome thing about calisthenics is that you can do bodyweight workouts with minimal equipment and you don’t need to know anything except about how an exercise is done.

The reason that the bodyweight training program has become so popular is twofold.

First, buying gym equipment like the Bowflex or maintaining a gym membership can get pretty expensive.

Money is tighter than ever for a lot of people and the inability to afford a gym membership shouldn’t keep anyone from getting in shape.

But another reason is that it can be tough to find the time to go to the gym, and bodyweight workouts can be done anywhere, at any time.

What Should a Bodyweight Program Include?

So, what should a bodyweight training program for martial arts include?

As a martial artist there are three main things that you want to see from a bodyweight training program.

If you're ready to start training like Bruce Lee (almost, haha), then go ahead and check out the Bodyweight Burn program now!

Let’s go over each of them in detail and then we’ll discuss one of the best bodyweight ones out there in this Bodyweight Burn review.

1. Realistic Exercises

First, you want to make sure that you can do the workouts that are described in the program. Some of the calisthenics programs out there can be pretty rough, and the exercises are so advanced that beginners can’t do them.

That makes it essentially useless to you. Make sure that you are getting into a program that has both a beginner level and an advanced level, so that you can start off small and then work your way up to the more difficult and dangerous exercises.

2. Full Body Routines

The second thing that your bodyweight training program needs to have is the ability to work out the entire body.

There are six muscle groups in the body that you need to be concerned with when it comes to working out. Let’s go over each one so that you’ll have some tools to be able to tell a good bodyweight program from a bad one when it comes to muscle group coverage.

Arms: Your biceps, triceps and forearms. You work these muscles out by doing things like pushups and dips.

Chest: You can do modified versions of normal pushups to work out the chest. The biggest muscles in the chest area are the pectoral muscles

Back: You’ll want to find a bodyweight training program that works your lower back to strengthen it and bulk up. Your Latissimus Dorsi (or lats, plural, due to one being on each side) is the main muscle group in the back.

Shoulders: Your traps and neck are the main muscles that you’ll be working out when you do bodyweight shoulder exercises.

Legs: Your legs are made up of your gluts, your quads, your hamstring and your calf muscles, at least for the purpose of understanding a workout.

Abdominals: Your abs – the six-pack look everyone is going for.

3. A Step-By-Step Nutrition Plan

The third thing to look for in a bodyweight program is one that includes a nutritional meal plan. You cannot get around the fact that you have to incorporate nutrition into your exercise program.

The right kind of food is not only fuel for your workout, it's also the building blocks that your body will be using to create new muscle.

Bodyweight Burn: Snap Judgment

Now, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Bodyweight Burn before we get into the meat and potatoes of the review.


  • Quick workouts that produce relatively fast results
  • No equipment needed, not even bars and rings
  • 60-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied for any reason
  • Cheat days come carefully integrated into the meal plan

bodyweight burn


  • You are supposed to add supplements to the meal plan to get the best results
  • Some of the workouts are rather advanced
  • The meal structure is rather fluid. You don’t get recipes, you just get some suggestions on what meals would be ideal


Bodyweight Burn Program Overview

The numbers “2” and “1” seem to be the magic ones, as you’ll see in this Bodyweight Burn review. The program was created by Adam Steer, a fitness expert and author.

The reason that we say that about the numbers is that everything from the meal plan to the exercises seems to be centered on it. Perhaps it’s some numerology thing.

The workouts are 21 minutes long, and you don’t need a gym or any equipment to do them.

They are also pretty easy for the most part. There are a couple of more challenging ones, but they do come later in the course.

How Long Is Bodyweight Burn?

Bodyweight Burn is intended to be used for 12 weeks, and you are expected to lose around 21 pounds by the end of it. See what we mean about the numbers?

21 pounds in six weeks is a pretty significant amount of weight to lose. Most doctors recommend that you lose one or two pounds a week for permanent weight loss.

However, the way that the program is structured, you can see that it is certainly possible to lose that 21 pounds, or even a little more.

In this Bodyweight Burn review, we’ll take a closer look at the meal plan that comes with this program, including some of the foods that you should be eating, as well as some of the exercises as well.

Bodyweight Burn: The Meal Plan

One thing that is both good and bad about the meal plan is that it isn’t that strict. Perhaps they think that their target audience already knows how to eat right in the first place.

But that flexibility can be pretty nice because you get to eat pretty much anything you want each week, with two days that allow you to sort of “cheat.” There are five different structured plans.

Low-Carb: The first is low carb. On these days, you want to eat healthy fats, lots of vegetables and pretty much anything except for things that are high in carbs. You’ll eat three meals and two snacks on these days.

Moderate Carbs: On moderate carb days you’ll be eating three meals a day and having two snacks, as well as some nutrition after your workout. You’ll be fueling up your body for the intense workout that you’ll be doing so make sure that you include lots of protein in your meals, a significant amount of carbs and lots of fruits and veggies.

Good Carbs: The third type of meal day is the good carb day, which is probably better known as the cheat day. This is basically a day where you can eat whatever you want, but you don’t want to over indulge and trigger a binge.

Back Load: Back load days also do not have any requirements, although you aren’t necessarily encouraged to eat carbs like the “Cheat days.” There are no specific suggestions for what you should be eating on back load days, but you definitely don’t want to overeat.

You’ll be training late in the day on these, because the meal plan goes hand-in-hand with the fitness program, and overeating is going to make it difficult to work out.

24-Hour Fast: When you do the 24-hour fast, you are causing your body to use the fat stores that you have to get energy. There aren’t too many fast days in the plan, but they are vital to losing the 21 pounds.

Bodyweight Burn: The Exercises

bodyweight burn program

Now, let’s talk about the exercises that you’ll be doing. The Bodyweight Burn program is split into two different sessions, each one six weeks.

The first is to introduce you to bodyweight exercises and get you working out, especially if you aren’t that much of a fitness junkie to begin with. The second is more advanced. Let’s look at each of the workout plans.

The Metabolic Base Plan: Weeks 1-6

The first six weeks will help you to build the lean muscle that you need to start moving on to the more advanced exercises later on down the road, and be prepared for a lifetime of fitness. You’ll also be increasing your metabolism, because the more muscle you have build, the more fat you will burn.

You’ll have the same schedule each week of this course, with six variety workouts and one rest day to allow your muscles to recover.

The Metabolic Explosion Plan: Weeks 7-12

The final six weeks of the Bodyweight Burn program are going to see the exercises that you do becoming more difficult. As long as you have completed the first six weeks properly, you should have no problem doing these workouts.

The schedule changes somewhat with the explosion plan, but you’ll still be doing six workouts per week, which is followed by a single day of rest.

If this sounds like the training you want to start doing, then jump on board and grab Bodyweight Burn here.

Bodyweight Burn: What Customers are Saying 

Before we get into 3 of the most popular reviews of Bodyweight Burn, have a look at this in-depth customer review of the program:

One of the ways that we were able to judge the program for this Bodyweight Burn review was by looking at some of the customers who have purchased the program before, to find out if they like it and more importantly, if they were able to find success with it.

We’re going to look at three customers who have used the Bodyweight Burn program one at a time.

First up is Daryl from Montana. He was really struggling with a big belly and some love handles. He came across a Bodyweight Burn review and thought he would give the program a try.

He says that he struggled the first six weeks, and didn’t push himself as hard as he could. Still, after the second six weeks, Daryl had lost a total of 25 pounds.

bodyweight burn review

Next is Teresa, a mother of 7 who wasn’t sure she even had time for a workout that would get her back into shape.

She had tried walking and jogging with no success and so she tried Bodyweight Burn. For the first time, she was able to get results, even though she didn’t put in as much effort as she should have.

Finally, there is a woman on YouTube who tried the program. She doesn’t give her name, but she says that she was able to have success with the program, losing nine pounds during the first six weeks and then losing even more weight during the second phase of the program.

Pricing & Discounts for Bodyweight Burn

The price of the program is just $19.

It is normally $50, but there is a sale right now until 2000 copies have been sold at the $19 price.

For that you get the following:

  1. Quick-start meal guide
  2. Step-by-step workout plan and wall charts to keep track of your progress.

But most importantly, you get the entire series of Bodyweight Burn workout videos which will show you exactly how to perform each workout, step-by-step.

There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the program, you can return it for any reason for a full refund, no questions asked.

The Bottom Line

The ideas behind the Bodyweight Burn program are solid. Exercising the wrong way and eating the wrong foods can actually make your body want to hold onto fat stores instead of burning through them.

Your body goes into survival mode and refuses to burn fat for energy. This makes you sluggish and tired.

As a martial artist, you have to be not only lean, but you also have to have a significant level of stamina and endurance in order to last throughout your training sessions and in your fights.

But this program truly is geared to raising your metabolism and making your body want to burn fat and give you the energy that you need to work out.

It is a great program that has gotten a lot of people results. The bottom line is that this program is highly recommended for anyone wishing to shed 15-25 pounds fast.

If you're ready to take your bodyweight training to a new level, then check out the Bodyweight Burn program here.