Legion Whey+ Review: Is This The New King of Protein Powder?

Lean, Clean, and Delicious: Legion Whey+

Today we’re going to go over the benefits of whey protein, the different types of whey protein and how they differ, and lastly we will be giving you guys an honest, in-depth Legion Whey+ review so that you can make the most educated decision when shopping for your next protein powder.

Due to the nature of the sport, MMA athletes are always looking for an edge over competitors by maximizing musculature while minimizing body fat. Legion Whey+ will help you do just that.

Whey protein is incredibly beneficial for increasing strength and size as it is packed with highly bioavailable protein, but not all protein powders are created equal. Many powders are packed with “filler” ingredients which are cheaper in cost, but are difficult for the GI system to break down, leaving most people feeling bloated, queasy and lethargic.

Other protein supplements contain excessive amounts of fat and carbohydrates which may reduce the absorption of protein. Even when a product does not include these “filler’ ingredients, they are often compromised by a low quality protein base which is just as bad.

Legion Whey+ uses only the best ingredients available to produce an incredible product. As we mentioned earlier, finding a high quality protein supplement will increase your lean muscle mass in addition to improving gastro-intestinal health, increased energy levels, and decreased body fat percentage.

Legion Whey+ is a perfect example of a high quality product, boasting some of the highest ratings and best reviews in the protein powder industry.

Know What You’re Buying

As a rule of thumb, when searching for a superior protein supplement, always make sure the first ingredient on the list is whey isolate. If the product uses whey concentrate as the protein base then it is sure to contain less protein and more fat than whey isolate.

Protein concentration of whey concentrate maxes out at about 80%, but whey isolate can contain as much as 92% protein by weight.

That 12% difference is significant because it’s not just extra protein, it is reduced fat, carbs and other unnecessary calories. Whey concentrate is cheap to manufacture, but it requires more processing by your stomach and intestines.

If the product uses whey hydrolysate the whey proteins have been broken down into its constituent amino acids, with the intention being even easier processing by the body.

This is an expensive process, and it is not indicative of high quality starting materials. Some disreputable companies use low quality whey concentrate to make their whey hydrolysate, which results in a low quality supplement.

The only way to ensure that you have the highest possible quality protein product is to get one that uses 100% pure whey isolate, like Legion Whey+.

Check Your Macros.

Next, check to ensure that the fat and carb count are less than 3g per serving and calories (per serving) seem reasonable for your goal. This is crucial to maximize the amount of protein per serving while minimizing caloric intake to ultimately increase lean muscle, not adipose fat.

In Legion Whey+, 84% of the calories come from protein, while the average for most brands is roughly 65%. A higher concentration of protein means more bioavailability (your body can use it for muscle repair), increased uptake of protein by the body, and more lean gains.

The most popular flavor of this product (Dutch Chocolate) contains 22g of protein, 0g of fat, and 2g of net carbs per serving with relatively similar macro ratios (carb/fat/protein) amongst all the flavors.

Although less protein per scoop compared with other brands, this ratio of macronutrients is excellent, and the base is 100% whey isolate which will allow the body to digest more of the protein than brands with higher carb and fat contents.

Check out the ingredient label for the Dutch Chocolate Legion Whey+:

Make Sure It Won’t Kill You.

Once you check the ingredients and macros on a protein powder, look for any dangerous additives. Some protein powders achieve a good ratio of macros, but use cheaply produced, genetically modified and artificial ingredients.

When cows are fed hormones and antibiotics for their entire lives, there is some risk of those pharmaceutical agents coming out in their milk.

The cows used to make Legion Whey+ are hormone free, antibiotic free, and live on small Irish dairy farms. This ensures a highly pure product, free of potentially harmful adulterants.

Legion has clearly not cut any corners with this product, and the results are a clean, all-natural protein that many still regard as the best tasting protein product in the world.

Legion Whey+ is sweetened with Stevia which is a natural leaf extract, rather than calorie rich refined sugar or low grade artificial sweeteners used in other brands. Some protein brands will even resort to using copious amounts of maltodextrin to cover up the flavor of their whey, but Legion Whey+ uses only 1g of maltodextrin per serving while maintaining some of the best tasting whey proteins available.

There is a complete lack of anything bad or dangerous in this supplement, which makes the flavor that much more impressive.

You Should Love The Way It Tastes!

The way a protein powder tastes is definitely a deal breaker. If the flavor of your current protein shake grosses you out (like it does for many people), then absolutely try something new (and better quality).

When cheap ingredients are used protein powders tend to clump up resulting in a gunky unpalatable mouthfeel. High quality ingredients and a complete lack of artificial sweeteners or flavoring agents gives Legion Whey+ an extraordinarily smooth texture and an exceptionally delightful taste.

Legion Whey+ has crafted some of the most delicious protein powders on the market. Flavors include Egg Nog, Cookies and Cream, Strawberry Banana, and the ever-popular Dutch Chocolate. Legion Whey+ has something for everyone.

There is absolutely no reason to suffer through one more day of the same old unpleasant protein. You should enjoy your gains! Legion Whey+ will help you do that with a healthy, protein packed, yet delectably tasty shake.

Give Yourself The Advantage.

A great protein powder can make a world of difference to an athlete and is absolutely necessary to be competitive in the world of MMA. Reduced recovery time, increased muscle mass, and improved overall health can be achieved with a high quality product like Legion Whey+.

Buying cheap protein supplements from disreputable companies that use low grade ingredients will give you nothing but indigestion (and all the lovely aromas that come with it).

Legion Whey+ is a 100% whey protein isolate product that has phenomenal reviews from across the web, an awesome macronutrient ratio, and it comes at a reasonable price.

Train hard, and give your body exactly what it needs for optimal recovery; a highly bioavailable, all-natural protein supplement. When looking for a product that contains NO hormones, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, food dyes, soy, gluten, GMOs, and MSG, but still tastes AMAZING–Legion Whey+ is your only choice.