MMA Classes: What To Expect

MMA is a sport that’s gradually becoming the in-thing all over the globe. From kids to teenagers to adults, no age group is left out of the sport of mixed martial arts.

As mentioned earlier, MMA is a highly complex sport that requires a significant amount of time dedicated to learning and implementing the techniques involved.

Grasping full knowledge and application of these techniques doesn’t happen quickly, which is why having a well-structured training program is imperative.

It’s also why MMA classes are so popular; they provide a set way of going from point A to point B as either a professional fighter or just someone looking to learn an extremely valuable and applicable skill set.

With more and more MMA training centers springing up, MMA is fast becoming hot cake and the icing on the cake is that MMA classes can also be taken online at your pace and any destination of your choice.

One way to learn MMA on your own is to dive deep into the MMA QuickStart program, written by ex-fighter Jeff “The Inferno” Joslin.

It is a detailed, step-by-step training program that will help you develop every aspect of your mixed martial arts game.

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How to Get Prepared For MMA Classes

You could be ready to enroll in an MMA class but still be wondering how to get yourself prepared. Put those thoughts aside now because, with these excellent tips, you will be ready enough to start your MMA classes right away.

Begin Working Out

This should go without saying anyway, but before getting involved in MMA classes, you will definitely want to be in top shape and acquire a solid mental and physical foundation.

To achieve this, you will want to start working out. One training method that has proven to be particularly effective for MMA fighters is bodyweight training.

With this kind of training you will develop “pure” strength, as well as the ability to move your body freely and without limits.

We’ve actually written a comprehensive guide to bodyweight training, which you can check out here:

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Get Your Gear Ready

This would surely serve as a test of your level of preparedness as it is expected that you are aware of the need of a training gear which should contain some form of clothing and protective gear.

Some of these include; rash guards, grappling shorts, hand wraps, groin protectors, mouth guard and the likes.

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Remember you want to leave a lasting impression on your trainer, so get together your gear and don’t leave out a single thing.

Be Willing To Learn

Developing the right mindset towards learning would go a long way in helping you grasp the fundamentals of MMA.

Be ready to show your trainer a positive attitude to learning a new skill set, and you will also do well to remain humble and attentive.

Before taking classes, try to clear your head and get rid of all forms of distractions as these would only hamper your progress.

What You Will Learn In MMA Classes

MMA classes definitely have a lot to offer when we consider training methodology and techniques. A couple of the things you should expect to be taught include:


Experienced MMA trainers know how important movement and positioning of a fighter is. Fighters can expect to be thoroughly drilled on this with ample time spent on helping you understand the concepts of moving in a variety of ways.

Essentials include knowing when to move with speed and when to calm things down. You should pay adequate attention to this.

Decision Making

In the ring, a fighter is bound to make hundreds of decisions, some which could be helpful and others which could be detrimental.

MMA trainers will help you understand how to make the best decisions with only a split second to think about them.

Whether knowing when to strike or knowing when to tap out, you have got to be attentive to all they have to say.


Based on your strengths and weaknesses, MMA trainers would help you master techniques that would suit you but that’s not all, combining several techniques to your advantage should also be part of what you are supposed to learn.

If your strength lies in striking, a trainer’s task would be helping you master the arts of punching, kicking and several forms of striking, and in defense, your trainer would help you learn techniques and strategies to use in keeping the fight away from your point of weakness.

If you have just fallen in love with MMA and are ready to go all the way, then getting enrolled in an MMA class is the next best thing and remember as we mentioned earlier, you can also learn MMA at your own pace by looking into an online training program.

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