MMA Training for Beginners

Today we will be going over some of the most important aspects of MMA training for beginners.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), often referred to as Cage fighting or Ultimate fighting, is a combat sport, which is generally a combination of several other combat sports. As a game, it allows competition between persons with fighting training from the different range of sports such as Boxing, Wrestling, and the likes.

The primary goal for an MMA fighter is to knock out his opponent or submit him via a hold/choke/submission till he taps out, which is why the main techniques involved in MMA are striking and grappling.

The pure nature of the sport puts fighters more at risk of getting hurt than almost every other sport, but this has not deterred many from taking part in the game with some even going as far as becoming pros.

In addition, MMA training for beginners can seem very daunting at first, but once you get over the psychological barriers of MMA training, you will begin to realize just how rewarding it can be.

Participating in MMA has countless benefits; even if you have no intentions of going pro (which is fine), it is an excellent way to workout and stay in shape, it’s extremely fun (when done safely), and it even teaches you certain techniques that can be used for self-defense.

To start your MMA training, you first have to figure out what you want from it first, and if you intend to make a mark in the sport, you must understand that MMA will also leave its marks on you.

Whichever way you choose to go about it, for fun or to make a career out of it, training in mixed martial arts won’t be easy, but it will be highly rewarding.

Some parts of the process can be tough and require insight and guidance from a qualified trainer.

In reality, most people cannot afford to hire a full-time personal trainer for their MMA training, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with a solution to that problem.

If you’ve already read my detailed guide to getting started with MMA training, then you know that we personally recommend MMA Quick Start, an online program created by Jeff “The Inferno” Joslin, a former MMA fighter who definitely knows what it takes to become a well-rounded fighter.

The program is specifically designed for those looking to begin MMA training, and is packed with workouts that will take you from beginner to intermediate in just 12 weeks!

Now, let’s move on to some more things to take into consideration when first starting you mixed martial arts training.

Step 1: Ask Yourself, Why MMA?

Quitting MMA after taking a couple of hits would only serve to underline the fact that you are not suited for the sport, which is why you have to question your motives. Be sure MMA is what you want before getting involved and take your time to weigh out the pros and cons.

Also, it’d be good to consider how far you want to go in the sports if truly you are interested, although this could change over time as your love for the game could make you decide to turn pro and vice versa.

Step 2: Join an MMA Class

Once you are sure of that you’re ready to begin training, the next and best thing for you to do is to join an MMA class. You have to be sure of what class you are entering, though.

It is advisable to visit several MMA schools to make observations particularly about their teaching methods and facilities.

Choose a place you think would be conducive enough for you to learn and be ready to interact with other people, more especially beginners like yourself as this would help you make a smooth transition.

As you probably know, MMA classes can be very pricey, especially if you live in a major city like New York or Los Angeles. Many MMA schools can range anywhere from $150 to $275/month to take their classes.

That’s why, if your budget is limited, I strongly recommend checking Jeff Joslin’s MMA program for beginners.

Here’s the link once more:

MMA QuickStart

Step 3: Grab Your Gear

You surely won’t want to pop up in your first class looking entirely different, as that will surely leave a bad impression. It is important you get together the right costume before your first class so as not to feel left out.

It would be nice if you enquire from your would-be-instructor if you are unsure of how to go about it or what you need. On that basis, I have made a comprehensive list of clothing you would need as a beginner to ease things up for you:

Step 4: Keep Yourself in Shape

Let training drills and workouts become a part of you so that you can stay in shape. Trust me, you won’t want a flabby tummy in MMA, so it’s best you get rid of it.

Remember, it doesn’t always have to start in a gym, as there are plenty of exercises and workout you can do at home that will prove to very effective.

How and what you eat would also play vital roles in this regard which is why there are certain nutrition tips you are advised to follow as an MMA trainee. Below are a few diet tips that would help you keep in shape:

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Desist from eating harmful foods e.g. candy, drinks.
  • Eat more protein, fiber, fruits and veggies and fewer carbohydrates
  • Avoid excessive fat and calories
  • Do not eat late at night

Let me also add that maintaining a mental and psychological balance will also help you keep in shape as an MMA athlete (more on this soon).

Step 5: Study

If you want to start improving your MMA skills and fight IQ, you should definitely go ahead and watch previous UFC fights.

Doing so will, eventually, allow you start picking up on things and seeing things you hadn’t seen before.

Things like slips, parry’s, counterpunching, counter-kicking, and defensive movement are some of the many subtle, yet highly important aspects of fighting that many people simply do not pick up on when watching a fight.

For a more detailed breakdown of specific exercises to get started with your MMA training, check out the home page of our website.