MMA Quickstart Review: Is It Worth It?

Starting Your MMA Journey: MMA Quickstart

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Since Royce Gracie brought his unique fight style to the octagon, MMA fans have been watching videos to try and learn moves from world champion fighters. Nowadays, there are literally thousands of MMA training videos online for us to watch, but how do you know where to start?

How can you tell what is real and what is fake? It can be overwhelming to try to set up a training regimen on your own due to the sheer quantity of moves, styles and teachers in the world of online MMA content.

The MMA Quickstart program by Jeff Joslin offers a solution to this problem. The content provided by this program is structured, high quality, and most importantly, verified by professionals and amateurs alike.

It is absolutely possible to get into excellent physical condition and to learn a wide variety of MMA techniques from this program without needing to purchase a martial arts academy membership.

By doing the exercises and drills provided by this program you will spare yourself from having to go through the pain and embarrassment that many MMA newcomers experience during their first few weeks of training.

It is strongly recommended that prior to embarking on your first trip to an MMA gym you should check out the MMA Quickstart program, and complete the 12 weeks of training provided by Jeff Joslin.

Learn From a Verified Pro

Many beginner classes at martial arts academies are taught by lower ranking martial artists. For example the beginner class at a Jiu-Jitsu school might be taught by a purple belt rather than a black belt.

In the MMA world, many schools have classes that are taught by instructors who have never fought professionally.

This is fine if you are simply trying to get a cardio workout, but if your goal is learn effective martial arts techniques, then it is simply unacceptable.

Only an experienced professional fighter is going to be able to guide you through a training regimen that will prepare you to use these techniques in real life.

The MMA Quickstart instructor Jeff “The Inferno” Joslin has a laundry list of professional fighting qualifications. Joslin has fought in the premiere professional MMA league, the UFC, as well as several smaller MMA promotions.

He has a black belt in both Karate and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and has trained in boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, and Muay Thai.

If given the choice to train with a purple belt who has never competed professionally, or to learn from an accomplished professional mixed martial artist, the choice is clear.

For some, the only way to learn from a former UFC fighter is to pay for private lessons. The MMA Quickstart program gives you the opportunity to learn from a true pro without having to shell out the hundreds or thousands of dollars that it would normally take to receive a private lesson from someone of Joslin’s experience.

Do not waste money or time by starting your MMA journey elsewhere.

Utilize the MMA Quickstart program with Jeff Joslin and get conveniently available professional training at an affordable price.

Train on Your Schedule

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If you are reading this there is a strong chance that you have a job, classes, or other responsibilities that will get in the way of taking MMA classes at their scheduled time.

Most of us cannot afford to devote all of our time to training, so we need to find something that works for our schedule.

The MMA Quickstart program is portable, so you can train anytime, and anywhere that you have space to train.

More often than not, it will be inconvenient and unmanageable to go to daily MMA training classes. However, if these classes can be taken in your home, then you are much more likely to attend.

Consistency is the key for beginners in any field of martial arts, but especially so in MMA because there is so much to learn.

The basics must be hammered into you muscle memory as quickly as possible, and this will not happen if you are missing class because you had work or an assignment to work on.

Don’t let scheduling conflicts stand in the way of your goals.

You can use the MMA Quickstart program to make sure that you start off strong and consistent on your martial arts journey.

Don’t let the hustle and bustle of everyday life get in the way of learning martial arts.

Use MMA Quickstart to train whenever works for you.

Don’t be Fresh Meat

So many MMA newcomers have the same experience during their first training session that it is a common joke amongst experienced fighters.

If you walk into a martial arts school with bad cardio, little-to-no experience, and delusions of grandeur, then prepare for a reality check in the form of a well-placed strike to the side of your head.

Martial artists can be a fickle bunch of individuals when you first meet them.

They will judge you immediately on your knowledge, your technique, and your level of fitness. Many gyms have introductory classes, but some will waste no time throwing you in there with seasoned fighters.

The MMA Quickstart program will give you a solid foundation which will enable you to both protect yourself during your first few weeks at the new gym, and allow you to earn the respect of your new training partners.

This is important for a variety of reasons, but first and foremost is that a huge majority of new MMA fighters quit within their first three months.

Injuries, fatigue, and discouragement all contribute to their giving up.

Do not be that guy.

Prepare yourself for your first few months in the gym by developing the fitness and toughness required to make it with the MMA Quickstart program.

Train at Your Own Level

Training in front of complete strangers can be an anxiety inducing experience, even when those strangers are not trying to take you down, punch you in the face, and strangle you.

The first few days at an MMA gym are physically and mentally demanding, but there is added social pressure to “keep up.”

In your mind you will know that the more experienced fighters have had time to develop the very specific type of conditioning required for an MMA workout, but in your heart you will not want to sit out or take breaks when the rest of the class is continuing to work.

By starting at home with the MMA Quickstart program you will give yourself the opportunity to push your limits without worrying about being judged by anyone for taking a break.

It takes time and motivation to develop the energy systems required to make it through a full MMA workout. Definitely make sure you train before strolling into a gym.

It takes some coaching and structure to make sure you’re doing the proper exercises and drills to develop the skills needed to defend yourself, and that’s where MMA Quickstart can provide you with an advantage.

Learn All Facets of MMA

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The majority of MMA beginners still think that they can be successful by ascribing to the old school philosophy of learning one martial art at a time. Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Wrestling are each essential disciplines for a mixed martial artist to practice, but learning each one individually will take significantly longer than starting out by learning all skills simultaneously.

MMA Quickstart offers an integrated training program.

The strength and conditioning exercises and technique development drills included in the program are designed to cultivate a cohesive fighting style comprised of the most effective methods from all of the most pragmatic martial arts.

Being a well-rounded fighter is becoming more and more important. Gone are the days where a specialist can dominate the sport.

To minimize your risk of being exposed later in your MMA journey, practice a complete fighting style from the beginning with the MMA Quickstart program.

Learn Without Distraction

Martial arts academies can be extremely overstimulating for a beginner who is just trying to learn the basics. For many people, the first few lessons at an MMA gym are total blur.

The intimidating atmosphere, loud music, intense individuals training around you, and not to mention the threat of physical injury all contribute towards making it a particularly bad learning environment.

MMA Quickstart gives you the ability to learn in the quiet comfort of your living room, basement, garage, backyard, or local park.

You will learn MMA techniques and concepts much faster if you are not being distracted and overstimulated.

Staying calm and relaxed is essential to acquiring new fighting skills, especially when first starting out. Save the loud music for your runs or lifting sessions.

When learning MMA you are not just working out your muscles, you are working out your mind.

By using the MMA Quickstart program you are giving yourself a huge advantage over other beginners.

You will learn moves faster, retain more information, and ultimately become proficient in MMA sooner than someone who does not use this program to get started.

Are You Ready to Start Your MMA Training?

Check out the MMA QuickStart Program and get started on your MMA journey today!

How Far is the Nearest Academy?

Driving distance is often a legitimate deterrent for people considering the purchase of an MMA gym membership.

If you have ever decided to stay home and not go to the gym because of traffic then you understand exactly what I am talking about.

Driving to an MMA gym can be tough, and driving home sweaty, exhausted, and in physical pain can be miserable.

The ability to train at home is huge because you can eliminate the need to drive to and from the gym which will make you more likely to do your workout. All this being said, a lot of us don’t even live near a legit MMA gym!

If your nearest martial arts academy is two hours away, please do not do that to yourself.

The MMA Quickstart program is the solution to this problem. Learn from a master instructor from the convenience of your own home.

You will never need to worry about forgetting your water bottle or mouth guard, having your bag packed, and ensuring that you aren’t too exhausted to drive after training, which is a good thing if you don’t have to drive! Save yourself the trip and use the MMA Quickstart program.

Get Your Friends to Try!

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Bringing friends to your martial arts academy can cost anywhere from $10 to $25 per class. This will discourage them from wanting to drop in and join you for a training session, which makes it tough to get your friends into the amazingly healthy and pragmatic discipline of MMA.

With the MMA Quickstart program you can simply invite your friends over and train with them anytime for free. Getting your friends and family involved in MMA is a surefire way to increase your own personal success in the sport.

The more support you have, the easier it will be to stick with the program and train consistently. Having access to the MMA Quickstart will allow you to share these lessons with all potential training partners.

Want to help one of your friends lose weight? Get them on MMA Quickstart.

Want to teach your girlfriend how to defend herself? Get her on MMA Quickstart.

Want to turn your group of friends into a squad of ninja assassins? Get them on MMA Quickstart!

Don’t Be Held Back

One of the dirtiest secrets of martial arts academies is that they make their money by appealing to as many people as possible. This means watering down their programs in order to include any and everybody who joins in.

Chances are, you will learn the techniques faster than some of the people who would be in your class, but the class will only move as fast as the weakest link allows.

It can be extremely frustrating to be in a class with someone who is constantly asking to be shown a move for the tenth time because instead of moving on to more moves, you will be stuck practicing the same move over and over again.

With the MMA Quickstart program you can focus on your weaknesses, repeat them as many times as you need, and move on as soon as you get something. This way, you will waste less time sitting around waiting for everyone in the class to catch up.

It may not seem like a big deal, but after months of training that time can add up. If you want to rise through the ranks of MMA then don’t be held back! Use MMA Quickstart to launch yourself into the world of mixed martial arts.