Muay Thai Shorts: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

The Best Muay Thai Shorts

Muay Thai is a martial art involving the use of punches, kicks, knees and elbows (amongst other techniques) to incapacitate your opponent.

Kicks and knees are primary weapons used in this sport and are thrown to the leg, body and head.

In order to facilitate the range of motion required for this combat sport, special shorts are worn by the competitors.

Muay Thai Shorts feature a high waist, short inseam, and slits down the sides for increased mobility along with being more lightweight, durable, and flexible compared to regular sport shorts.

What Makes Muay Thai Shorts So Unique?

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All martial arts typically have a traditional garb worn by fighters during competition.

Muay Thai is no exception to this rule, but rather than a kimono or Gi typically worn for other martial arts, it is customary for a Muay Thai fighter to wear a headband (called a mongkol), arm bands (called prajioud), a pair of hand wraps and gloves, and a pair of shorts.

The mongkol is removed from the head before the fight begins and placed on the fighter’s corner post for good luck and the arm bands represent the gym out of which the competitor is fighting.

The gloves and shorts are used as an expression of the fighter’s style and personality. Since the shorts are more visible, they are generally the focus of a fighter’s artistic expression; most Muay Thai shorts have loud and extravagant designs making them as much a fashion statement as they are a piece of functional training gear.

The best Muay Thai fighters are often sponsored, so brand names and logos are depicted on their shorts in exchange for payment.

Additionally, similar to NASCAR, it is possible to buy the shorts of your favorite fighter complete with their sponsor’s logos.

It is important for competitors to find some Muay Thai shorts that reflect their aesthetic preferences, their style as a martial artist, and their personality.

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How Are They Designed?

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While Muay Thai shorts are an opportunity for fighters to express themselves artistically, they must be durable, breathable, and flexible enough to allow a fighter to snap a head kick at a moment’s notice.

This must be achievable without needing to reach down and readjust garments, which would telegraph the move, thus giving the opponent time to avoid the strike.

Therefore, the materials, cut, and assembly of the best Muay Thai shorts must be top notch.

If you’re looking for the best Muay Thai shorts, they will likely cost similar to a pair of premium brand basketball shorts, but are more suited for all your martial arts needs.

They are shorter, lighter, more durable and better designed for hip mobility than basketball shorts, which is what most people wear to their first few martial arts classes.

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Muay Thai shorts typically have slits up the sides to allow for completely unrestricted movement, and are made extremely well to ensure maximum durability, thus making them ideal for Muay Thai kickboxing, Taekwondo, traditional kickboxing or boxing, and no-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Another great feature of Muay Thai shorts is the extra-thick waistband. Muay Thai shorts have a waistband that is about twice as broad as the waistband of a pair of basketball shorts.

This helps them stay in place during athletic movements like kicks, prevents them from sliding down while rolling on the floor, and will provide long term elasticity.

This is an excellent design and provides peace of mind knowing that your pants will not come down while competing.

Muay Thai Shorts for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Many gyms now offer no-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes along with an entire line of apparel including rash guards, spats, and shorts.

These shorts are often designed like basketball shorts; long, low inseam, pockets and other features which may restrict movement while practicing BJJ.

A pair of Muay Thai shorts is an easy solution to allow full range of motion in the hips along with durability for daily training and repetitive washing. These shorts are sturdy, functional and look awesome.

Best Muay Thai Shorts Brands

  1. Venum

Venum Gorilla Muay Thai Shorts

The Venum Gorilla Muay Thai Shorts are some of the best Muay Thai shorts out there. They are handmade in Thailand.

They feature lateral slots for enhanced range of motion, an extra-thick waistband for additional security, and seams reinforced with additional stitches to ensure durability for the grind of a martial arts training regimen.

They are styled in black, white and red, with the intimidating image of a disgruntled gorilla peering up at your opponent.

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      2. Fairtex

Fairtex Shark Muay Thai Shorts

The Fairtex Shark Muay Thai Shorts are offered in a wide variety of styles and color schemes.

These shorts are available with designs depicting flames, lightning bolts, the punisher logo or sharks, among several other graphics.

They include the traditional extra-thick waistband, but do not have side slots.

They make up for the lack of side slots by being slightly shorter than other brands which allows for equal freedom of motion.

The wide variety of styles means that there is a pair of Fairtex Muay Thai shorts to match any team’s color scheme.

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       3. Top King

Top King Muay Thai Shorts

The Top King Boxing Muay Thai Shorts have some of the most aggressive styling and color schemes of any Muay Thai shorts brand.

They offer multiple cuts, some of them with side slots and others that are simply shortened. Many of their designs feature flames, and a few feature the name of the legendary Muay Thai Fighter Buakaw.

The waistband of these shorts is even wider than other brands, thus giving them a unique fit.

These shorts fit a very specific niche in the fighting community, if you have a thin waist and love Muay Thai, these are perfect for you.

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       4. Hayabusa

Hayabusa Muay Thai Shorts

Hayabusa is one of the biggest and most respected names in fight gear, and it’s no surprise that the Hayabusa Muay Thai Shorts are as good as it gets.

The waistband is thick and comfortable, the materials are breathable and durable and the graphics are embroidered onto the shorts meaning they will not fade like a screen-printed graphic.

The graphic is of two tigers facing one another which is a traditional image in Muay Thai.

The Hayabusa Muay Thai Shorts have extra-wide leg holes but their sizes run a bit small, likely allotting for complete range of motion in fighters with muscular legs and thin waists.

The shorts are offered in two color schemes: red, black and gold; and black, white and gold. These shorts are extremely high quality and are the perfect addition to your fight gear arsenal.

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What’s Next?

We’ve provided with the absolute best options for your Muay Thai shorts, so what are you waiting for? Go pick up a pair of Muay Thai shorts and start kickin’ a** on the ring!

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