Vale Tudo Shorts: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Vale Tudo Shorts

Vale tudo shorts are the #1 shorts for combat sports athletes. They are a little different than compression shorts, in that they are typically worn over something else.

Compression shorts usually worn as more of an undergarment, whereas Vale Tudo shorts have a bit more cushion, and are the complete fight short for any combat sport of mixed martial arts athlete.

They are most commonly used for BJJ rolling and MMA sparring, but they can be used when you doing you’re normal kickboxing training and heavy bag work as well.

Let’s take a look at the best Vale Tudo fight shorts that we’ve found, and where you can get yours today!

     1. Venum Amazonia Vale Tudo Shorts – Green



       2. Venum Gladiator 3.0 Vale Tudo Shorts

vale tudo venum

      3. Venum Tecmo Vale Tudo Shorts

venum tecmo shorts


     4. Tatami Core Vale Tudo Shorts

tatami vale tudo shorts


     5. Hypnotic The Standard Vale Tudo Shorts Blue/Black

hypnotik vale tudo shorts


     6. Hypnotik The Standard VT Shorts – White/Black

hypnotik shorts


     7. Hypnotik The Standard VT Shorts – Red/Black

vale tudo shorts hypnotik

     8. Hypnotik Yin Yang Vale Tudo Shorts

hypnotik yin yang vale tudo shorts


     9. Tatami Armourtech Vale Tudo Compression Shorts

tatami vale tudo compression shorts


     10. Hypnotik Galaxy 500 Vale Tudo Shorts

hypnotik galaxy shorts


     11. Hypnotik Geothermal Vale Tudo Shorts


     12. Hypnotik Kyoto Vale Tudo Fight Shorts

kyoto vale tudo shorts


     13. Hypnotik Mifune Vale Tudo Fight Shorts

mifune vale tudo shorts


     14. Hypnotik Mifune VT Shorts

mifune vale tudo


     15. Venum Amazonia 5 VT Shorts – Black

venum vale tudo shorts


      16. Venum Amazonia VT Shorts – Red

venum vale tudo shorts

     17. Venum Gorilla Vale Tudo Shorts

venum gorilla vale tudo shorts


     18. Anthem Athletics HELO-X Vale Tudo Shorts


     19. Venum Gladiator 3.0 Vale Tudo Shorts – Black/Red


     20. Venum Sharp 3.0 Vale Tudo Shorts


There you have it fighters, we’ve compiled the absolute best Vale Tudo shorts for you. Whether you’re getting ready to start your BJJ training or are just looking for a new pair of some solid Vale Tudo shorts, any one of these will do the trick!